Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Recent comments about Cornwall

The Cornish National Party Mebyon Kernow is a party that has had some electoral success, it won more seats in the English Council elections last May than the ultra Brit party UKIP.

However, a blog search for MK on Google brings up many more supportive Welsh nationalist posts than posts from MK members themselves. Come on MK - you must be able to find one or two amongst your members who can post a weekly, if not a daily blog, in support of the good cause that is Cornish nationalism!

In the absence of positive posts here are a few negative ones:

The hypocrisy of the LibDems
This idea of Cornish nationalism seems to be a mild recurring theme on Rob's blog. So, one must ask the question: what the living fuck do the Cornish nationalists think being an independent country is going to achieve? If your industries are fucked, then they are fucked: being independent is not going to revitalise the economy. The tin mines, like the coal mines, closed because they were no longer competitive: this is a bummer but it is also the way of the world.

Devil's Kitchen at 9/08/2007 06:16:00 PM

Interview With A Cornish Nationalist
I have been trying to get an objective view of Cornish nationalism and history and I have found it is quite a mire. I have read most of the authoritative Mebyon Kernow and Cornish Nationalism book as well as spent way too much time on-line and in the Wikis.

The Midcornwall Blog Thursday, 9 August 2007

Nationalist difficulties in the face of more prosperity .
Faced with the demonstrable improvements in life nationalism has a problem. A common argument is that Cornwall is at the bottom of every league and suffers from deliberate neglect and unfairness by the British government and only nationalist solutions can work. This nationalist argument is falling apart. More and more people here can see with their own eyes it is not true. Cornwall is doing well as a county of England. The economic grievance agenda is looking ludicrous and surreal

mudhook September 2nd, 2007

What this blog is about

I don't intend to write many new and original posts to this blog, what I want to do is use it to highlight quotes from the best of Cornish, English, Scottish and Welsh Nationalist blogs.

Many nationalist bloggers are passionate about what is happening in their own countries and don't realise that the same argument may be raging in a different part of the so called Union. I hope that this blog will help nationalist readers to "get to know each other", and by reading the odd snippet posted here visit fellow nationalists from other nations to lend them support and encouragement through comments and track backs.

I will also post some disparaging quotes from those who oppose the right of the people of these islands to self determination, in the hope that nationalists of all nations will flood the blogs of the ignorant with comments defending the nationalist cause.

It will take a few days for me to find all the nationalist blogs, they seem to be legion! In a week or two I hope to be able to post a "best of the day" and a "worst of the day" post on a daily basis.

In the mean time do let me know through the comments field if you would like me to put your blog on my strictly nationalist blog-roll, or if you would like me to put your blog on my (private) reader as one on which to expect to see views against nationalism on a regular basis.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Test Post

This is a test post, Please ignore.

This blog will be used to post links to posts by Cornish, English, Scottish and Welsh Nationalists